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All work performed by Coastal Tree Care, Inc is done in accordance with ANSI A300 standards and meets or exceeds the safety requirements in accordance with ANSI Z133.

Pruning Services

Crown Cleaning

Crown Cleaning is required in situations where dead, damaged, weakly attached, or diseased branches need to be removed. This process reduces the risks of hazards and helps to promote health and vigor for the tree. Regular tree pruning eliminates these issues before they become a liability.

Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning is a pruning process that eliminates conflicting branches and reduces the canopy by approximately thirty-five percent to maintain sound structure. This increases air flow and light penetration and reduces structural pressure on the tree.

Crown Raising

Crown Raising is a pruning process where the lower branches of the tree are removed to increase visibility and to provide clearance over streets, sidewalks, driveways and structures.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is a pruning process where the height of a tree is reduced to an acceptable level by trimming the branch back to a leader that will assume the role of the new dominant branch. The improper and careless method of Crown Reduction is referred to as topping, and is NOT recommended. This is a process where branches are cut back to bare stubs. These heading cuts stress the tree, cause decay, and produce open wounds that are susceptible to sunscald, pests, and diseases.


When trees are improperly pruned, the canopy needs to be restored. Crown Restoration is a process by which a damaged tree is trained to resume its natural growth habit. Restoration works to improve the tree’s appearance and structure after improper tree pruning or storm damage.

Vista Pruning

Vista Pruning is a process where branches are selectively pruned to create a viewing window within the tree. This is most commonly done to improve the view of seascapes, landscapes and mountains.

Vista pruning is also done to expose street signs to drivers and pedestrians. Other pruning practices used to accomplish similar goals include Crown Reduction and Crown Raising.

tree removal service

Tree Removals

Tree Removals are only considered as a last resort. It is not uncommon to see healthy trees uproot sidewalks, crack foundations and sewer lines, or are too close to houses and other structures. The responsibility of protecting your property is something we take very seriously. Our crews are highly trained, professional arborists that are experienced in difficult and hazardous removals. We are fully equipped to remove trees of any size and caliber.

stump grinding and removal services

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is a process where the stump is ground below the grade as deep as needed to disconnect all the roots from the stump. This will ensure that re-growth does not occur. A large machine is used for sizable stumps or a small machine is used for smaller stumps and areas that are difficult to access.

insect, pest and disease control for trees

Consultations, Insect & Disease Control

Many insects defoliate trees, reducing the tree’s ability to produce food by excreting sap, stunting growth, and carrying pathogens with diseases. We control these problems without polluting and damaging the environment by using a non-toxic application. One of our arborists will be happy to explain the benefits of our insect-control programs.

Our consultation services cost $150 and include appraisals, tree identification, tree inventories, hazard identifications, and diagnosis of diseased or damaged trees. This fee is deducted from the total of any work or treatments that are scheduled with us.

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Annual Maintenance Program

Keep your trees healthy all year with our Annual Maintenance Programs. Coastal Tree Care offers affordable and customizable year-round service to commercial properties. We work with property managers to develop annual tree management plans for large-scale properties based on allocated budgets, immediate and long-term care needs, and future goals.

Annual Maintenance Programs may include the development and maintenance of a tree inventory that shows the quantity and species of trees are on a property along with their overall sizes and conditions. An inventory will help predict current and future tree care needs while prioritizing necessary services in the development of a management program.

Our Annual Maintenance Programs include established pruning cycles, applications and treatments to improve the health of specific trees, and removal of hazardous or undesirable trees.

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