Urban Tree Management

Urban Tree Management for San Diego Commercial Properties

Wellness Plans and Expert Care by ISA-Certified Arborists

Trees are the saving grace in our urban concrete jungles. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your trees healthy to offer a green oasis for the local population. Consult the ISA-certified arborists on our team for customized plans to manage your unique tree care needs. We follow a proactive, integrated approach and practice environment-friendly techniques to nurture tree health. Commercial property owners and managers across San Diego depend on our cost-effective urban tree management services to maintain attractive business premises throughout the year.

We provide the following tree services:

  • Pruning: Not only do they block light and obstruct the view; overgrown trees give the impression of a neglected property. The crew we assign to your property will skillfully prune dead, damaged, weakly attached, or diseased branches to improve tree health, enhance the view and increase curb appeal.
  • Tree wellness plans: Do your trees look dull and lifeless? With specialized care that includes scheduled watering, trimming, fertilization and pest management, we help encourage optimal growth, yield and lifespan.
  • Storm cleanup: Hazardous branches, split bark, trees blocking entryways or leaning dangerously towards buildings, vehicles or powerlines, are common after stormy weather. Count on our trained and experienced team to deal with these issues swiftly and safely. You can also request storm damage reports compiled by our certified arborists to plan and budget for proper cleanup and restoration.
  • Stump grinding: Are unsightly stumps spoiling the look of your property? We have a range of tree cutting and grinding equipment to safely clear stumps and roots without damaging the surrounding landscape.
  • Emergency services: Our on-call team can handle any tree emergencies. When you need immediate assistance to remove a fallen or hazardous tree, we respond promptly with appropriate measures.
  • Tree removal permits: Most local bylaws require you to obtain a permit to remove trees of a certain size, even when they are damaged or diseased. Let us help you obtain the necessary approvals you may need for land development and clearing of hazardous trees.

Dedicated TCIA Certified Tree Management Services

We love trees, anywhere. Take advantage of our arboricultural expertise to keep your property attractive and safe while lowering your overall landscape maintenance costs. Property managers depend on us for affordable tree management services. Ask us about customized plans so we can work within your budget to address your immediate and long-term tree care needs.

Coastal Tree Care is certified by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). We are bonded and fully insured. You can rely on our expert care and responsive service. We serve customers across the San Diego area, including those in La Jolla, Del Mar, Pacific Beach, Rancho Santa Fe and Coronado. 

Call us at 619-847-4225 to schedule a consultation or contact us online to learn more about our urban tree management services in the San Diego area.