Tree Service Reviews



Gamboa Gardening Service, La Jolla:

“Coastal Tree Care maintains all the trees for all of our customers. Gamboa Gardening and our long-standing clients are very pleased with the superior service they continue to provide.”

Rightway Maintenance:

“Coastal Tree Care services nine of our Wal-Mart and Vons centers throughout SD county. They always do an exceptional job and keep us well informed of the health and vitality of our landscape trees!”

Sun and Sea Property Management:

“We use Coastal Tree Care exclusively for all of our commercial properties. They are always on time and on budget and do an excellent job!.”

residential and commercial tree trimming services


Jenny Craig, Dietician, Del Mar:

“Coastal Tree Care does a wonderful job in maintaining the trees for both of my estates in San Diego County.”

Jill Belleducci MD, Doctor, La Jolla:

“I felt really bad about having to remove a diseased tree but Joseph made some great recommendations for a replacement tree that better suited my needs.”

Tim Grant, Attorney:

“I have an Ornamental Pear tree that appeared to be dying. Coastal Tree Care came out and diagnosed my tree and said it was suffering from Fire Blight. They treated it and within a few weeks the tree started looking better and now it looks lush and beautiful again! Thank you for saving my tree!”