ISA Certified Arborist in the San Diego Area
ISA Certified Arborist in the San Diego Area

Arbor Day 2019

Arbor Day 2019

In celebration of our most recent Arbor Day, we partnered with various arborists throughout San Diego to spend a day dedicated to safety pruning the trees throughout our local Chula Vista schools.

Arbor Day, a holiday observed in the spring time that began in 1872, is a day celebrated throughout the United States, Australia and other countries which encourages citizens to honor the importance of and plant trees. As a team of arborists and individuals who value the importance of our natural resources, we find it especially important to commemorate Arbor Day, and what better way than to provide care for the trees and create safe spaces for some of our local schools within San Diego County?          

On April 26th, three of our team members, including one climber and two arborist assistants, spent the day pruning, lacing and shaping several Aleppo Pines at different school locations in Chula Vista. Not only do the trees now display a more cohesive and aesthetically appealing look, but they can now continue to grow at a healthy rate and they pose significantly less risk of falling branches that could harm people or property.

Importance of Safety Pruning

Hiring a professional, certified arborist to provide care and protection of your trees is essential for all of the following reasons:

  • Pruning trees allows for healthy, regenerative growth which improves structural integrity
  • Dying, decaying, or diseased limbs are removed which creates less risk for falling branches
  • Reducing overweight, hazardous canopies creates less of a risk for falling branches
  • Pruning promotes health and wellness of the tree, which can save your trees life

As proud members of the San Diego community and lovers of all things trees, we plan to continue to provide support and care for our local school districts as often as possible to promote a beautiful and safe public spaces.

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