ISA Certified Arborist in the San Diego Area
ISA Certified Arborist in the San Diego Area


Darnall Charter School- Water Bottles/Tree Planting

Our staff at Coastal Tree Care has proudly partnered with Darnall Charter School’s Sustainability Club on various projects in efforts to show our support for their mission of conservation and environmental stewardship. It has been a great honor to have the opportunity to donate reusable water bottles to every student on campus, assist in Darnall’s 25 th anniversary tree planting, and maintain the health and well-being of the campus trees for all students, staff and faculty to enjoy.

Our first partnership with the Sustainability Club was to support the students in achieving their goal of providing every student on campus with an “Earth Savers” water bottle. The club’s objective was to reduce the number of single-use plastic water bottles that they collectively noticed as a prominent issue on campus. The club members entered a logo contest in which the student who most creatively captured the aspiration of the project was chosen to be used on the water bottles. We had the logo printed on 700 stainless steel water bottles and donated them to the club to be distributed to each student on campus. The “Earth Savers” water bottles can now be found throughout campus and have drastically reduced the usage of plastic.

We have also had the opportunity to deliver and assist in the installation of an Australian Willow tree as a token of achievement to celebrate Darnall’s 25 th anniversary as a charter school. Each student from the sustainability club provided their assistance in the planting and it was a significant event on campus as we were able to celebrate a notable accomplishment and make a memorable addition to the campus’ trees that will thrive for years to come.

In a further attempt to support the club’s goal of conservation, we have tended to and continue to maintain the trees throughout the campus to support their growth, longevity, and health. We hope to not only beautify and provide aesthetic appeal on campus, but also reinforce the importance of trees for air quality, soil health, biodiversity, water conservation and wildlife support with the help of the voice of the club members. As a company that holds a strong code of environmental ethics and values conservation efforts, we are proud to support Darnall Charter’s Sustainability Club as they work to promote changes on campus that align with our beliefs. The club is a wonderful way to foster good stewards of the earth and teach students and peers the importance of maintaining a healthy planet. We look forward to future opportunities to provide our support for their mission.


Darnall Charter School- Planters/Garden

Our most recent partnership with Darnall Charter School’s Sustainability Club involved our assistance in donating the materials and building twelve planter boxes for the school garden. The intentions for the garden are to provide a site where the club can grow their own food and provide a healthy, organic, inexpensive and accessible food source for the cafeteria to distribute amongst students.

The project began with the donation of Redwood to be used to build the planters. Coastal Tree Care owner, Joseph, and a fellow team member volunteered their time on a Sunday to build the twelve planter boxes in the school courtyard, located between the classroom wings, where the students can easily access and tend to the garden. The 3’ x 9’ Redwood planter boxes each hold organic soil, mulch, and enough space for several rows of vegetable varieties, estimated to yield copious amounts of vegetables annually for student consumption.

We are excited to continue our partnership with the Darnall Charter Sustainability club, with future plans to plant a variety of fruit trees along the North end of the garden area. The trees, when in season, will provide fresh fruit for the cafeteria as a healthier and more sustainable alternative to our traditional American school lunch food. As we progress in 2019, we will continue to create new plans and projects that help our local schools and community attain more sustainable alternatives to our current systems in place.

Arbor Day 2019

In celebration of our most recent Arbor Day, we partnered with various arborists throughout San Diego to spend a day dedicated to safety pruning the trees throughout our local Chula Vista schools.

Arbor Day, a holiday observed in the spring time that began in 1872, is a day celebrated throughout the United States, Australia and other countries which encourages citizens to honor the importance of and plant trees. As a team of arborists and individuals who value the importance of our natural resources, we find it especially important to commemorate Arbor Day, and what better way than to provide care for the trees and create safe spaces for some of our local schools within San Diego County?          

On April 26th, three of our team members, including one climber and two arborist assistants, spent the day pruning, lacing and shaping several Aleppo Pines at different school locations in Chula Vista. Not only do the trees now display a more cohesive and aesthetically appealing look, but they can now continue to grow at a healthy rate and they pose significantly less risk of falling branches that could harm people or property.

Importance of Safety Pruning 

Hiring a professional, certified arborist to provide care and protection of your trees is essential for all of the following reasons:

  • Pruning trees allows for healthy, regenerative growth which improves structural integrity
  • Dying, decaying, or diseased limbs are removed which creates less risk for falling branches
  • Reducing overweight, hazardous canopies creates less of a risk for falling branches
  • Pruning promotes health and wellness of the tree, which can save your trees life

As proud members of the San Diego community and lovers of all things trees, we plan to continue to provide support and care for our local school districts as often as possible to promote a beautiful and safe public spaces.



Saluting Branches

For the last three years, we have proudly been involved with Saluting Branches, an organization that unites arborists and tree care professionals around the nation to provide support for Veteran remembrance. The concept of the organization centers around creating safe and beautiful spaces for all loved ones, community members, and visitors to enjoy while honoring and remembering the lives of our fallen soldiers. Safety and beautification are achieved through the annual care and maintenance of the trees at 119 Veteran cemeteries across the U.S

It has been our honor to volunteer at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, located in Point Loma, each year as our contribution to Saluting Branches. In 2018, our team included two arborists and three arborist assistants who participated in the pruning of several different species of trees throughout the cemetery, along with the help of 10 other local San Diego arborists. Some of the other tasks that were delegated among volunteers included:

  • Brush and debris clearance
  • Pruning shrubs
  • Weeding
  • Helping set-up and take-down
  • Greeting volunteers
  • Checking-in volunteers
  • Organizing communication and food/beverages
  • Photography and videography

We are grateful to have been chosen as the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery site leader for the 2019 Saluting Branches, set to take place on September 18th. As a site leader, we will proudly coordinate and delegate all work and equipment amongst the tree care professionals onsite that day. Saluting Branches is always welcoming any volunteers, whether they be interested in field work or other opportunities. For more information please visit