ISA Certified Arborist in the San Diego Area
ISA Certified Arborist in the San Diego Area

Importance of Soil Analysis

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Importance of Soil Analysis

The Importance of Soil Analysis for Tree Care

Insights from ISA-Certified Arborists in the San Diego Area

While most property owners and managers realize that professional tree care services are worth the investment, many do not know the importance of soil analysis. At Coastal Tree Care, we believe that soil testing is a critical, not-to-be-missed first step in designing landscape maintenance or tree wellness programs. Our qualified arborists explain the importance of soil analysis in boosting the health and growth of your trees.

Effective Landscape Management Starts with Soil Testing

San Diego’s warm summers and cool winters support the growth of many beautiful trees, including ornamental, heritage, and fruit-bearing ones. Proper care and attention for your landscape will ensure healthy growth for large, mature trees, as well as the smaller plants, shrubs and grass. For effective landscape management, your plan must include a detailed soil analysis and tree diagnostic by arbor care professionals.

There are many advantages of nurturing your landscape based on soil testing. Here are some insights that a soil analysis report can provide:

  • pH levels: The alkalinity or acidity of the soil indicates whether its pH levels are conducive to the growth of the existing trees and plants. If they are not, our trained tree care professionals can carry out the necessary soil amendments. Assessing pH levels will also help you select additional trees and shrubs that are suitable for planting.
  • Water content: Your soil type will tell you more about its water retention and drainage qualities. For example, sandy soil drains quickly, while clay soils retain moisture for much longer. Understanding your soil’s water retention properties will help you choose suitable trees and set the right frequency and levels of watering.
  • Mineral content and microbial activity: Different soil types contain varying levels of minerals and microbial activity. An excess or lack of essential minerals could deteriorate the soil quality and impact plant nutrition. Similarly, the soil’s microbial activities directly influence its ability to mineralize the organic nutrients, which in turn impacts tree health and growth. A soil test will take the guesswork out of tree care. It enables you to suitably modify the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K), which helps to:
  • Prevent weak roots and branches
  • Ensure robust tree growth
  • Strengthen immunity against weeds, tree pests and diseases

In addition to the applications that address your soil’s nutrient deficiencies, you will be able to plan other nutrition-enriching activities, such as deep root fertilization, if required.

Comprehensive Tree Care through Soil Analysis and Tree Diagnostics

Coastal Tree care is a licensed, bonded and fully insured tree services company offering a wide range of services. Our ISA-certified professionals prepare comprehensive tree wellness programs for your property, after studying the soil biology report in detail. Using soil analysis as our starting point allows us to deliver highly effective services that promote healthy, flourishing landscapes.

Commercial property owners and managers across the San Diego area including Coronado and La Jolla, CA depend on us for their tree care and landscape management requirements.

Not sure about the importance of soil analysis? Call us at 619-847-4225 to learn more and contact us online to request a free estimate for tree care services.

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