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Save Your Canary Island Date Palm!

South American Palm Weevil

Have you heard of the South American Palm Weevil? If you have a Canary Island Date Palm, then you should be aware of this pest! The SAPW (South American Palm Weevil) only targets Canary Island Date Palms and the end result is devastating. The SAPW attacks the meristem (heart of the palm) and once the tree begins to show signs and symptoms, it’s too late and the tree is already dying. Unfortunately, there are no treatment options once the tree is infected, and the only way to protect your tree is through preventative measures. South American Palm Weevil

Infected trees can appear healthy but the canopy collapses and dies from the top down. This happens because the SAPW lay their larvae in the crown of the tree and they feed on the plant tissue as they grow, simultaneously killing the tree in the process. Once the crown is dead, the palm is unable to grow new fronds, which leads to the death of the tree in only a matter of months. 
Other symptoms include leaf bases with entry holes and cocoon casings at the base of the tree. If you think you see any of these signs, contact an arborist right away for an assessment. 
Saving our iconic palm trees from these pests is possible as long as we continue to raise awareness and do everything we can to help with containment and eradication efforts. Contact us to learn more about how we can save your Palms!