ISA Certified Arborist in the San Diego Area

Large Tree Care in Rancho Santa Fe and Coronado

Comprehensive Tree Services by ISA-Certified Professionals

large tree careMany parks, gardens and urban complexes in San Diego feature majestic, mature trees. Keeping them healthy, strong and beautiful is challenging work. For large tree care in Rancho Santa Fe, Coronado, or anywhere in the San Diego area, rely on the ISA-certified professionals at Coastal Tree Care. We provide careful soil management, routine maintenance and pruning, timely pest control and fertilization, and prompt emergency services.

What’s Included in Our Large Tree Care Services? 

In our experience, every property has unique tree care requirements based on the area, landscaping features, types of trees, soil conditions, and more. Local traffic, weather, and construction activities could further impact the condition of your trees. At Coastal Tree Care, our skilled arborists conduct a soil analysis and tree diagnostics, before creating customized tree management plans. We aim to provide the best large tree care for your Rancho Santa Fe or Coronado property.

large tree careHere are some of the services we offer:

  • Root system management: Large trees have extensive and complicated root systems that undergo significant changes over a period of time. Our experienced arborists keep an eye on various aspects of the soil that directly impact tree nourishment. We rebalance the nutrient and pH levels through soil fertilization to create optimum conditions for tree growth and vigor.
  • Routine maintenance: We specialize in a number of trimming and pruning services. This includes cleaning, raising, reduction, thinning, or restoration of the crown  
  • Removing dead, damaged or diseased branches
  • Reducing any structural pressure, and ensuring uniform and contained growth within the available space
  • Eliminating any obstructions, safety hazards, or visibility issues related to the tree growth
  • Tree pest and disease control: Our qualified tree doctors accurately identify the presence of any tree diseases or pest infestation and take timely measures to minimize the damage. We use environment-friendly treatments to cure infected trees and boost their resistance against future infestations. 
  • Emergency tree services: Whether it is wind and storm damage, fallen power lines, obstructed sidewalks, or another emergency caused by large trees, we have the skills and equipment to respond immediately. From fallen tree removal, stump grinding, and professional cleanups, to tree cabling and bracing, and detailed storm damage reports, we provide a range of emergency tree services. 

Expert Tree Services by Experienced San Diego Arborists

At Coastal Tree Care, we adhere strictly to ISA standards for tree pruning or tree removal and safety. In addition to routine large tree care services, we offer annual tree wellness programs that cover established pruning cycles, applications and treatments.

Property owners and managers across Rancho Santa Fe, Coronado and other areas of San Diego take advantage of our comprehensive, cost-effective large tree care plans.

For affordable, reliable large tree care services in the San Diego area, choose a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) certified company, such as Coastal Tree Care. Call 619-847-4225 or contact us online.