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Professional Tree Company in Coronado

Affordable and Reliable Arbor Care by ISA-Certified Arborists

tree care san diegoWith horticultural expertise and access to the right products, equipment and safety gear, a professional tree company can help ensure attractive and disease-free trees all year round. Hiring a professional tree service is the ideal solution for maintaining healthy and beautiful trees on your residential or commercial landscape. The ISA-certified arborists at Coastal Tree Care offer a complete suite of arbor care services for Coronado area properties.

Keep Your Property Tidy and Attractive with Professional Tree Services 

From shade and beauty, to environmental benefits and privacy, trees offer several unique advantages. Expert tree care by our qualified professionals ensures that these advantages continue for years to come.

Coastal Tree Care’s Professional Tree Services for Coronado Properties Include:

  • Tree selection and planting: Soil testing is the starting point of most of our tree services. We combine the soil analysis with our horticultural knowledge and your landscaping goals to select the ideal mix of trees, along with appropriate planting spots. Our aim is to create a vibrant, water-efficient landscape that enhances curb appeal and minimizes your arbor care costs.
  • Tree wellness and health care: Whether it is heritage trees, fruit-bearing varieties, ornamental trees, or palms, we customize our care plans to the types of trees on your property. Our experts provide specialized pruning services, root system management, pest and disease control, and all other routine tree care services. Large properties will benefit from our annual tree wellness programs that include established pruning cycles, applications, and treatments to nurture damaged trees back to health.
  • Tree relocation and removal: With specialization in the right techniques and access to the latest tools, we safely relocate or remove trees of any size. We also offer emergency tree services, including storm damage clearance, cabling and bracing, and stump grinding.
  • Arborist care: Our arborist reports provide a detailed tree inventory and tree health appraisal, including potential liabilities and hazards, and treatment recommendations. We help you avoid expensive tree emergencies and provide an efficient and cost-effective arbor care roadmap.

Comprehensive Tree Care for Coronado Properties

Tree Moving Company San DiegoCoastal Tree Care is a licensed, full-service, fully insured tree service company, certified by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). We maintain the highest standards of ethics, safety, and professionalism in all our tree care services.

As a trusted professional tree company in Coronado, we serve the short and long-term tree care needs of many residential and commercial properties across this resort city.

For beautiful, disease-free trees on your Coronado property, rely on Coastal Tree Care’s cost-effective professional tree services. Call 619-847-4225 or contact us online to learn more about our comprehensive arbor care plans.

Coronado Residential and Commercial Properties Feature Stunning Tropical Landscapes

With award-winning beaches, elegant gardens, quaint shops and restaurants and a rich arts and culture scene, Coronado is a charming resort city, just 10 minutes from downtown San Diego. The island city attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe while also serving as a perfect weekend getaway for San Diego Area residents. Coronado’s spectacular coastline, sprawling waterfront estates, and lush golf courses are dotted with beautiful ornamental, heritage and palm trees that give the city a sensational tropical vibe. Due to the area’s semi-arid climate, Coronado properties require the care and attention of a professional tree company to keep their tropical landscapes healthy and attractive.