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Tree Clearing Services

Top Tree Clearing Services in Del Mar, La Jolla, and Coronado

Coastal Tree Care has the Right Equipment and Skilled Arborists

tree clearing serviceCoastal Tree Care’s tree clearing services are performed by ISA-Certified arborists leading a well-equipped crew. Our skilled tree care professionals have the experience to ensure safe tree removal. We serve commercial and residential properties across Del Mar, La Jolla and Coronado that may require tree clearing services for the following purposes:

  • Construction: If you need to clear space in your land for a new home or other building purposes, we can assist you in removing or relocating as many trees as possible without holding up your construction schedule.
  • Re-landscaping: If you would like to improve the outside appeal of your residential or commercial property, you need safe, reliable tree removal services to prepare the land for a new landscape design. We’ll remove the trees and fill in the area with rich soil and mulch, if appropriate, leaving it ready for native, drought-friendly trees or plants.
  • Farming: Do you need to remove trees from your property to clear it for cultivation? Our tree clearing services include cutting down the trees, stump grinding, removing debris, and preparing the area for cultivation.
  • Wet areas: If you have a tree that fails to thrive in wet areas of your property, we can replace it with a tree requiring more moisture. This can prevent water pooling after a storm, which may attract insects or make your trees sick.
  • Removing trees on hillsides: It’s important to use the right process and protective equipment to avoid soil erosion and property damage when cutting down hillside trees. Our arborists have years of experience in tree removal from difficult urban and suburban settings.
  • Emergency tree removal: If damage or disease have left your tree vulnerable to falling over, we can provide emergency tree removal services to prevent property damage and injury.
  • Prevent fire hazards: Is there a risk of fire from tree branches hanging dangerously close to overhead cables? Do you want to remove trees that are growing too close to houses or buildings to create a defensible space for fire safety? We can safely relocate the trees if they are in good health or remove them from your property.  

Our teams use appropriate safety equipment and industry approved techniques to minimize potential damage and injuries during the tree removal process.

Comprehensive Tree Preservation and Tree Clearing Services

Whenever possible, our tree doctors nurture sick or damaged trees back to health. We can even try to relocate removed trees elsewhere on your property to preserve them. If you want to try to save the tree, we can install tree cabling and bracing to give your tree a chance to heal following a lightning strike or wind damage.

Coastal Tree Care offers year-round tree wellness and maintenance programs. In addition to removing trees and grinding stumps, we also replace damaged trees with healthy ones that restore curb appeal and promote a healthy landscape ecosystem on your property.

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